Simon Greenwood

Behind the productions of Wideframe is Simon Greenwood, a creative professional who believes that video is the most impactful way to tell your story, present your brand, document your latest project, promote your organisation, and in short, engage the senses of your audience.

Simon has years of experience in filming, editing, motion graphics, sound recording, audio mix and all the other details that make up a high quality video production. Not to mention strong client relationships and countless glowing reviews. 

Over the last 10+ years Simon has successfully produced hundreds of videos for clients in diverse industries such as education, music, construction, marketing, software, therapy, law, coaching and sport.

If you have ever had a quote for video production from a larger design agency you will be pleasantly surprised at how much Simon can achieve without breaking the bank.

He has a trusted network of camera operators, editors and industry professionals to draw upon when needed, but keeps everything streamlined and efficient to get the final video onto your chosen platform on time and within budget.